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JetBlue gets a lift


Designer of the entire brand.


JetBlue, stylized as jetBlue, is a United States low-cost airline headquartered in the Long Island City neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens. It also maintains corporate offices in Utah and Florida.


Their current logo has only the words JetBlue in a simple san-serif typeface. According to their website, JetBlue has become more than an airline business. It has expanded its services to cover Hotels and car rentals. With that in mind, JetBlue needed a more iconic logo to represent it. To give the company a more modern look, the logo was designed with geometry in mind softening the edges to make it more friendly. The JetBlue color scheme was kept only adding a second set of colors as an accent to complement the main blue colors and also to give it a more lively effect.


Patterns and other graphics were developed based on the logo to be placed in travel items like bags, cups, and the like. A brand guideline was also created to keep a consistent look across all touchpoints.







Brand guidelines

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