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Simple Makeover


Main Designer


For decades Sherwin Williams has been represented by the logo of a globe over which is dumped a bucket of red paint.  The unintended image given is that of oil being dumped on the world.  A look that, in an environmentally conscious generation is not an impression to leave. I thought that the logo needed a less graphic look and a more representational look. The current look is a little more industrial and the colors are heavily corporate. It desperately needs re-branding to appeal to the new generation.

The appeal should be to an environmentally conscious crowd. This calls for the selection of colors found in nature. I thought of animals that have vibrant colors, like chameleons. I took the spots of the chameleon and shaped them just a little like splashes of paint. for the colors and typeface, I kept the blue and the uppercase san-serif font so it can have still a connection to the original brand.







Product placement mockup

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