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Travel and Entertainment


UX/UI, Product Design


Mobile application for printing photo albums and single pictures



Main Designer


Travelers' photos tend to live on their phones until they are all but forgotten. Mobile phones are a great way to have images at our fingertips, but they are not that great to help us relieve the experience. This app unlike others is a very simple and expedient way to print whole albums and single pictures. Albums become great coffee books that can be entertaining to relieve a vacation or an event. 

The app will compile the user's images into albums with simple layouts. From here the user can perform edits to the album if further customization is desired. When the album is ready, it is sent to print and shipped. 

Memories is mainly for travelers which is why the color palette is more neutral. The UI is very simple and user-friendly to encourage a quick setting and building of this album. This product's main function is to make simple albums that are ready to print with room for customization for those who will like to have a more personal look. 

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